Leadership Courses & Programs

The charge of the University-Wide Task Force on Leadership was to review current leadership initiatives on campus and explore new leadership development and education initiatives (Appendix A). Members of the task force included student, faculty, and staff representatives (Appendix B). The Task Force was encouraged to seek whatever means needed to gain an in-depth perspective on the state of leadership education on campus. Our report provides observations about the various leadership initiatives and programs that should continue to be supported and recommendations for current and future program development.

The Task Force:

  • Identified and reviewed existing leadership initiatives and programs campus-wide and identified the populations served by those activities
  • Researched leadership initiatives and programs at other institutions
  • Reviewed common readings and reports on leadership in higher education
  • Assessed the University’s current leadership culture for commonalities,uniqueness, pedagogies, and other approaches for the study and practice of leadership
  • Recommended future directions to the Provost and Vice President for University Life for program development, program collaborations, and new initiatives that would provide numerous opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to learn about leadership and to develop their leadership capabilities