The Office of Student Involvement

At the Office of Student Involvement we encourage students and  staff to think creatively.  We want everyone to contribute ideas and think of new ways they may enhance campus and their experience at Mason. There are many ways to be creative with the type of experience you’ll have during your time here. Maybe you’ll find a way to work on campus that used skills you’re acquiring in your classes. Or it may be something you’re really good with doing and you want to see if you can take those skills to the next level.  Whatever the case may be, never quit thinking creatively.

Our Mission: Student Involvement enhances the Mason community by creating dynamic involvement opportunities and fostering student success through co-curricular experiences.

Our Values:

  • Get Involved
  • Have Fun
  • Think Creatively
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Create an Experience
  • Be a Team Player
  • Encourage Leadership

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