Leadership Legacy Program

The Leadership Legacy Program, a partnership program sponsored by MasonLeads and the Office of Human Resources/Payroll, is designed for Mason full-time faculty and staff who are committed to furthering their leadership development.  The program curriculum provides opportunities for experienced faculty and staff to advance their conceptual and experiential understanding of leadership in the context of university settings.

The program’s leadership themes are embedded in the context of a higher education institution (state relations, shared governance, planning, budgeting, etc.). Key concepts, such as strengths-based leadership and facilitating change, are overlaid with practical topics (budgeting, consensus building, responding to crises, etc.). The design of the curriculum is developmental with each topic/seminar building upon the other. Reflective activities will be integrated between seminars/sessions, allowing participants to continue their learning throughout the program. Each of the program sessions will be co-facilitated by experienced Mason leadership scholars and senior university leaders. The program includes self-assessments, reading materials, case studies, and leadership coaching.

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