Staff Training and Resources

Information Technology Unit (ITU) Leadership Development Program

  • Contact: Laura Phelps
  • “Each year, the ITU Leadership Development Team develops hands-on training for ITU managers and their direct reports. A concept from the Four Pillars is selected to explore in further detail. We start with a kick-off meeting during the fall, then continue on with smaller meetings during the winter and spring. These trainings help to develop and improve the skills of our ITU leaders.”
  • Classes Foci of past years:
    • 2012: Positive Leadership
    • 2011: Strategic Planning
    • 2010: Psychological Flexibility
    • 2009: Input, Inquiry, and Interactions: Moving Forward in Challenging Times
    • 2008: Change Management
    • 2007: Coaching for Leaders
    • 2006: Effective Collaboration

EDLE Program: Northern Virginia Leadership Initiative (NVLI) is a professionadevelopment series designed jointly with several school divisions (EDLE maytake two of the weekend modules in lieu of EDLE 634).