Undergraduate Coursework

New Century College
-Certificate in Leadership Studies, open to all majors
-Minor in Leadership Studies, open to all majors
-Concentration in Leadership, Major in Integrative Studies
-Courses regularly offered

  • NCLC 204 Leadership Theory and Practice
  • NCLC 395 Leadership for the 21st Century
  • NCLC 435 Leadership in Changing Environments

Special topic courses in leadership: women and leadership; global ethics; ethics and leadership

-First level courses open to all students, upper division courses restricted to those participating in ROTC

-Courses offered:

  • MLSC 100 Leadership Skills I
  • MLSC 101 Leadership Skills II
  • MLSC 201 Leadership Skills III
  • MLSC 300 Applied Leadership I
  • MLSC 301 Applied Leadership II
  • MLSC 400 Leadership Management
  • MLSC 401 Leadership and Ethics

School of Management

-Courses offered:

  • MSOM 310 Managing People and Organizations
  • MSOM 302 Managing Information in a Global Environment
  • MSOM 305 Managing in a Global Economy
  • MSOM 306 Manging Projects and Operations

Courses offered in other departments:

  • Nursing: HSCI/NURS 436 Leadership and Management in Healthcare
  • Parks, Rec, & Leisure: PRLS 315 Outdoor Education and Leadership
  • Communication: COMM 349 Student Leadership Seminar
  • Government: GOVT 430 Comparative Political Leadership
  • University Scholars Program: UNIV 200, 300, and 400 courses, Peer Leadership with sections focusing on Peer Advisors, Resident Advisors, Peer Leaders (New Student and Family Programs), Greek Leadership and Current Student Leaders, and Career Development

Courses that provide useful leadership skill sets and knowledge:

  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Ethnic, racial, and gender studies