Faculty Fellows Program

The University Life Division (UL) at George Mason University is committed to fostering collaborative relationships with faculty and developing joint initiatives that lead to greater overall student learning and success.

The University Life (UL) Faculty Fellows Program provides meaningful and enriching opportunities for Mason faculty to collaborate with UL departments on projects that connect faculty interests and expertise with UL departmental, institutional, and student needs. Our purpose is:

  • To forge educational partnerships with faculty to improve overall student and institutional performance;
  • To capitalize on the collective wisdom of faculty and UL staff in developing programs that engage students in active learning and development within and outside the classroom;
  • To create meaningful ways for faculty to interact with students outside of the classroom setting;
  • To infuse the educational experience with curricular and co-curricular programs that prepare students to become engaged lifelong learners and effective citizens.

University Life will sponsor up to 10 faculty fellows per year with appointments per semester or per year, depending on the project, interest, and availability.

For more information about the Faculty Fellows Program and University Life, click here.